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Leopard Warning!

Beware of switching from Tiger to Leopard.

All your Classic applications will become useless.  You won’t be able to open some of your old documents!

And, you’ll find a sidebar showing up in every finder window.  The option for hiding it permanently (along with the tool bar) appears to be working now, but you will have to turn it off on a window by window basis, by clicking the little button in the upper right of the window.


AutoIndex Permission

I was experimenting with PHP and MySQL, and wanted my localhost server to automatically list the contents of my home directory as I added new subdirectories.

When I removed the index.html and index.php files and opened the browser to that directory, it didn’t work! It gave “Permission denied: Can’t open directory”.

I looked into httpd.conf, and added Option Indexes right at the top, restarted Apache, but that made no difference.

I changed AllowOveride None to AllowOveride All, and put the commands into a .httpaccess file into the home directory, and still no change (entering garbage into .httpaccess did give an Invalid Command error, so I knew .httpaccess was being read).

In Terminal, I saw that all the permissions for my home directory were set except “read for other”:

drwxrwx-wx 32 GG GG 1088 Jan 9 22:52 Sites/

To solve the problem:

chmod +r Sites

That did it! Now I have server-generated directory listings.

Performa 6400 Trouble

It only boots up to where it shows the date in the upper right, then locks the cursor.

I’ve tried booting from CDs with systems 7.6.1, 8.5, 9.1, and every boot key combination including zap pram, with same results.

Sometimes the boot volume will show in the upper right, including the first partition of the internal hard drive.

Sometimes Disk First Aid runs and says it’s fixed but still, just a blank screen, maybe one icon, the time, and a frozen cursor.

Must be some chip burned out but I keep wondering if it’s software planned obsolescence. The machine is dated 10/23/96! Hate to give it up. I use it for SCSI Drivers and its Audio-Visual capabilities.

Error code 0x8002006D

Had a problem burning CDs (DVDs burned fine). A search online uncovered many people with the same problem, plus a variety of suggested solutions.

What I did was give my PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-117D device a blast of pressurized air from The Blaster Pressurized Air Duster through the open door AND replaced my Fujifilm CD-R blanks with Maxell CD-R.

Maxell works for me at the slower burn speed, but still problematic.  The PC at Long’s couldn’t read it at all.

So, I bought some Sony blanks and went through the whole process again, burning some jpegs to get printed at Long’s.  So far, so good.

Apache Server

Couldn’t get test.cgi to execute in my userspace (although PHP worked fine). Tried all kinds of settings in httpd.conf and with .htaccess file but to no avail.

So, resigned, I put index.html into /Library/WebServer/Documents/ and put test.cgi into /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables/ (remembering to chmod +x test.cgi).


http://localhost opens index.html and

<form name=”form1″ method=”post” action=”cgi-bin/test.cgi”>
<input type=”submit” name=”Submit” value=”Submit”></form>

executes successfully!

Really Simple Syndication

I hear NetNewsWire has an excellent RSS Reader for the Mac, and now Safari has one. I didn’t really get the point of having one until I saw the short movie explaining RSS by Common Craft.

This is the dialog box showing at Safari > Preferences > RSS

RSS Control Panel

The way it works is, when you see an RSS icon on a webpage, click the icon to create the feed link, and save it as a bookmark in the Bookmarks Bar. The aggregate will show up at the bottom of that bar’s category.


1) My keyboard often produces double strikes like thiis. In System Preferences, setting Delay Until Repeat to Long doesn’t solve the problem!

2) Apple Mail: Point, press, drag and release the mouse cursor over the messages. This action will sometimes move one message, and at other times simply select a batch of messages. It seems there is NO consistency, but eventually, with patience, persistence, and experimentation, I figured out what is going on. So, my complaint now is that this message-selection-move process isn’t covered in the Help menu.

3) Spotlight: Yeah, cool, shows everything and then some, more than needed. It’s infinitely configurable, of course, but I just want to simply find the file I happen to know the name of. How do I make it work like the straight-forward Find utility of yore? And why should I even have to ask that question? Shouldn’t a simple file-name find be the default configuration until I actually need all those bells and whistles?

4) As long as I’m on this tirade, remember in those days of yore when inserting a diskette of an unrecognized format provoked a dialog box asking if you wanted to REFORMAT! Who’s the blankety-blank who came up with that stupid idea? I know it’s ruined some lives!