Error code 0x8002006D

Had a problem burning CDs (DVDs burned fine). A search online uncovered many people with the same problem, plus a variety of suggested solutions.

What I did was give my PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-117D device a blast of pressurized air from The Blaster Pressurized Air Duster through the open door AND replaced my Fujifilm CD-R blanks with Maxell CD-R.

Maxell works for me at the slower burn speed, but still problematic.  The PC at Long’s couldn’t read it at all.

So, I bought some Sony blanks and went through the whole process again, burning some jpegs to get printed at Long’s.  So far, so good.


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One thought on “Error code 0x8002006D”

  1. These are the three primary causes for Error Code 0x8002006D.

    1. Dirty lens in your optical drive. The error code means that the burner was unable to perform the power-calibration test for its laser with the media. The test is described in “About optical disc drive burning and write speeds.” A dirty lens is the most common cause of this error. Buy a dry CD/DVD lens cleaner at a good electronics or computer store and use it to attempt to clean the lens.

    2. Incompatible media. Many new optical disc formats employ dyes for high-speed burning that may not work with older optical drives. The power calibration test fails, not because of a problem with the lens, but because of an issue with the dyes in the optical media. Try a different brand of media.

    3. Optical drive failing. Your CD/DVD burner is simply worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced.

    * 13 hours ago

    Life long Mac user.

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