Hello, you’ve reached MotorolaSM56K

Just signed up with AT&T for caller-id. Plugged the phone line into the modem on back of the computer and installed Silica.

The first few times I called from another line, to test the connection, Silica operated as specified: Little window pops up on desktop showing name and number of caller. Then it got inconsistent, followed by non existent. What was the problem? There are rumors about Mac internal modems being not of the highest quality because hardly any one uses them anymore, but I did see it working, at first.

Going to Terminal, I used the screen command to view the modem session:

screen /dev/tty.modem

It replied “Resource busy. Sorry, could not find a PTY.”

Oops! I went back to Silica’s Settings, stopped the service, then re-entered the screen command in Terminal, and got the expected blank screen.

Calling from my other phone, I saw the modem detect the call:



So, it’s not a hardware problem. To be continued (I’ll figure it out)…

BTW: To quit (kill) the screen window manager, use Cntrl-a k.


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