Sighting the Tiger

Upgrading to 10.4 went smoothly, the whole process taking about 20 minutes. It started by checking the installation disk, then verifying the destination volume before copying lots of files from the Mac OS X Install DVD. After Optimizing System Performance, it restarted automatically from the new system’s boot partition.

The first thing I noticed was that new files (screen shots I took during the registration process) weren’t going automatically into the lower right corner of the desktop. Also, there was a new icon inserted into the dock, Dashboard.

I had to check email first. My DSL connection worked fine. Mail was just as I left it.

Next I had to see if it would recognize a blank DVD, and it did! That was one of my problems in Panther. Another problem was Help in Terminal, and that was okay. I’m going to bed now, it’s 1:51 AM.


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